Discover and evaluate policy risks and opportunities

Built for organizations that are impacted by energy policy, PowerSuite enables users to make decisions that help them succeed – policy expertise not required. Data coverage includes all legislative and regulatory issues from every state legislature and U.S. Congress, as well as every state Public Utility Commission (PUC), regional Independent System Operator/Regional Transmission Organization (ISO/RTO) and the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission (FERC).

PowerSuite is designed and led by a team of experts at Advanced Energy United.


  • 2013: PowerPortal was born, Advanced Energy United (then AEE)'s first web product that put the who, what and why of energy policy in one easy to navigate place. 
  • 2014: Our team of policy experts, technologists and software engineers launched PowerSuite with a goal to make energy policy accessible and actionable in support of Advanced Energy United's membership activities. PowerPortal becomes a product within PowerSuite.
  • 2016: In collaboration with Microsoft, launched market leading AI powered bill forecasts. We also expanded access to PowerSuite beyond AEE members, transitioning to a true SaaS offering for non-profits, law/consulting firms and businesses of all types.
  • 2017: PowerSuite's total data more than 2X the size of English wikipedia with over 60M pages of energy policy data. Completed our first data license partnership using our newly launched API.
  • 2018: Expanded "PowerSuite Insights" team to deepen our investment in expert policy analysis for both bills and dockets.
  • 2019: Released a reimagined PUC docket search experience.
  • 2020: Expanded data source coverage to include all 7 U.S. based ISO/RTOs (CAISO, ERCOT, ISO-NE, MISO, NYISO, PJM & SPP)



Our policy team is on the ground, in states and regions, gathering insights and advocating for transformative, market-opening policy. We didn't just create the tool, we use it to inform our legislative and regulatory activity — and we use our activity to inform the tool. When you login to PowerSuite, you're unlocking a wealth of industry insight and expertise. We invite you to meet the team of advocates behind the platform.